Nij tower complex _Tsorey-Loam

Ingushetia vainakh medieval Nij castle Caucasus mountains beautiful landscape

Nij tower complex – built near Tsorey-Loam mountain in the XV century.

Ingushetia medieval Nij Caucasus mountains .


Located in the southern district of Dzheyrahsky in the Dzheyrakh-Assin historical and architectural museum and nature reserve. Dzheyrakh-Assin has the biggest concentration of medieval Vainakh settlements (like the Argun State History, Architecture and Nature Museum Reserve of southern Chechnya).

Nij tower complex consists of defense towers (6-7 stories high), residential towers (3-4 stories high) and nearby burial grounds, which are underground, or above ground vaults, typical of pre-Islam pagan period.

Nij complex has 4 well preserved defense towers, the residential structures having been destroyed in the XIX century by the Russian imperial army.

*In 2001, Russian helicopters attacked historic sites in the area. Ingushetia itself was not a war-zone and the destruction was caused by military corps stationed in Ingushetia – article from Moscow Times   Army Unit Attacks Ancient Ingush Site

Dagestan coastline – Caspian Sea

Mount Oshten, Adygea

Rocky Ridge – Central Caucasus mountains

Rocky Ridge Central Caucasus mountains eastern europe landscapes

Rocky Ridge is located in Kabardino-Balkaria republic (Chegemsky district), near the border with North Ossetia republic. 

Rocky Ridge stretches for 375 km from Belaya River (a tributary of the Kuban) to Terek river. Elevation ranges from 1200-1700 m to over 3000 m in highest point – Mount Karakaya (3646 m).

Rocky Ridge consists of steep mountain slopes dissected by numerous river valleys. The landscapes contains karst formations, as well as forests and meadows.

Rocky Ridge is located in the vicinity of Upper Balkaria village

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Upper Balkaria Kabardino-Balkaria north caucasus beautiful natural landscapes

Tsori tower-castle complex


Tsori – located in the Dzheyrahsky district of Ingushetia.

Tsori is a XVth century fortified tower complex with 3 battle towers and several residential buildings – typical Vainakh castle complex. It was surrounded by a fortified wall from which only the foundation stands today. Burial vaults lie a few meters from it.

Tsori, like all the other historic sites, was severely damaged during the XIX century Russian conquest of the Caucasus.

In 2011, the Russian authorities decided to build a 60 billion ruble ski resort in the region.

Dargavs – “city of the dead”

Dargavs necropolis dead town North Ossetia crypts North Caucasus mountains

Dargavs “Dead City” is a pagan necropolis situated in Prigorodny district of North Ossetia republic, in the historic Kurtat gorge.

Dargavs contains 97 crypts, making it the biggest necropolis in North Caucasus. Next to the crypts lies a watchtower, meant to protect and watch over the dead.

The architecture has a visible resemblance to that of Vainkah crypts (found in neighboring Ingushetia and Chechnya). The crypts were built during the pagan era in the Caucasus, before the introduction of Semitic religions (Christianity and Islam).