Gunibskaya hydroelectric dam

Gunibskaya dam Dagestan Karakoysu river Caucasus mountainsGunibskaya hydroelectric dam, named Rasul Gamzatov (Dagestani poet) – built on Karakoysu river (“Black river”) in Gunibsky district of Dagestan. It represents a modern facility (built 1995-2005).

On Karakoysu river lies another hydroeletric dam – this time the oldest in Dagestan (built 1930’s) by the name of Gergebilskaya.

Despite having high-capacity and large hydro-plants, Dagestan’s energy is used mostly for exports to other republics/countries. Electricity shortages are common in Dagestan. Read more below

Dagestanis Seize Power Stations to protest electricity shortages

Dagestan in Blackout Crisis

 Electricity cutoffs in the capital of Dagestan and social unrest

Kurush – highest settlement in Europe

Shalbuzdag mountain Kurush village Dagestan Kurush Caucasus mountains

Kurush village and mount Shalbuzdag

Kurush village – location at 2600 meters altitude makes it the highest settlement in Caucasus and Europe.

Kurush is situated on Mount Shalbuzdag (in southern Dagestan), which has the highest peak in the republic at 4142 meters. According to local beliefs, Shalbuzdag is a holy mountain.

Gamsutl’ by Rashid Suleyman

Gamsutl’ (in Dagestan) ~ ancient Avar settlement carved in rock on top of a mountain (1.400 meters altitude – 4600 feet).

The inhabitants were forced out by the Soviets and resettled during the massive collectivization program. The village structures were blown up, as were numerous other historic settlements, in what was an incommensurable destruction to the historical heritage of the north Caucasus (other ancient settlements destroyed by the Soviets included those inhabited by the Chechen and Ingush, who were deported).

Gamsutl’ has yet to be listed as a historical site. There is only one person left living here (the “guardian” of the village).

Photography by Rashid Suleyman

Dagestan Gamsutl ancient avar village Dagestan Caucasus mountains beautiful landscape


The last inhabitant of Gamsutl’

Dagestan villages

Dagestan villages have a distinct appearance among Caucasus villages. The roofs are usually flat and the houses are terraced upon one another’s flat roofs, built on mountain ridges and valleys. The architecture together with the unique landscapes of Dagestan offer a typical appearance to Dagestani villages.