Bermamyt plateau

Bermamyt plateau, located in Kharachay-Cherkessia near mount Elbrus. Its surface is composed of Jurrasic limestone.

Tsey, North Ossetia

Tsey gorge – located in Alagirsky District of North Ossetia-Alania, in the Central Caucasus mountains.


Mount Fisht, Adygea – Western Caucasus mountains


Mount Fisht is located in the Western Caucasus mountains, in the republic of Adygea. It has an altitude of 2867 meters (9400 feet).

Egikal – Nakh settlements of Assa gorge (Ingushetia)

North Caucasus Ingushetia Egikal Tsey Loam Caucasus mountains Nakh Vainakh beautiful scenery

North Caucasus Ingushetia Egikal Tsey Loam Caucasus mountains Nakh

Egikal (Egik-aul) is a medieval Nakh settlement erected between the XII-XVIII centuries near Tsey Loam mountain in Assa gorge, Ingushetia.

*aul is the name given to villages/ settlements by Caucasian people

Assa gorge has numerous Nakh settlements since the region represented a political and economic center.

Map showcasing medieval settlements along Assa gorge

Map showcasing medieval settlements along Assa gorge (Egikal in the middle)

Egikal suffered great damage after the 1944 deportation of Ingush people, when its inhabitants were deported and the village was destroyed (it underwent partial recent restoration for tourism purposes).

The ruins carry pagan symbols , as the Nakh people (Chechen, Ingush) shared pagan beliefs before the conversion to Islam. There are numerous crypts and sanctuaries along the gorge.

Mount Kazbek – highest mountains in Europe

Mount Kazbek is a dormant volcano mountain, which at at 5.033 meters (16.400 feet) has one of the highest peaks in the Caucasus and in Europe.

It is located in Georgia and North Ossetia.

Shkhara is also one of the highest mountains (5.200 meters – 17.000 feet) – click on photo to view gallery

view to Shkhara mountains Georgia North Caucasus mountains

Sulak river – beauty and hydropower (Dagestan)


Sulak river stretches for 169 km from Georgia to the Caspian Sea in western Dagestan. Sulak canyon has a depth of 700-1500 meters and 5 hydroeletric power plants.

Russia is the world’s 5th hydroelectric power producer. Dagestan has almost all of the hydroelectric power resources in North Caucasus.

Sulak supplies electricity to Makhachkala – the capital city, which is 60 km (38 miles) from Sulak. Supply to many Dagestani villages is troublesome, and the situation extends to Makhachkala  itself (see here). Electricity is usually distributed to Russia’s biggest company RusHydro (state-owned), which exports it to countries like China.

Sofia glacier and the 12 waterfalls


Sofia glacier is found in Arkhyz, Karachai-Cherkessia – a mountainous region rich in alpine meadows, lakes, glaciers, waterfalls and high mountain peaks.
Twelve high waterfalls come flowing down from Sofia glacier on Arkhyz valley.