Kubachi craft art, Dagestan


Kubachi village (situated in Dagestan) has long been considered the main center for manufacture of high-quality armament and jewelry in the Caucasus and Russia, and is still famed to this day for its craftsmen. Every house in Kubachi has a room for jewelry shop and private museum collection. Also every family in Kubachy is using its own design.

In Persian chronicles, the village is mentioned as early as the 4th century under the name of Zerihgeran (Armory).

Kubachi daggers are considered some of the best Caucasian daggers (also known as Kama). The Russian Tsar had personally designed Kubachi daggers in his arsenal.


Ushkaloy rock towers, Chechnya

Ushkaloy defense towers are located in the narrowest point of the Argun Gorge, on the way to Itum-Kale village (Itum-Kalinsky district) in Chechnya. The towers are around 900 years old. They have only three walls, the fourth wall being a rock.

Tir Holy Nativity monastery, Georgia/ South Ossetia

* South Ossetia is a disputed region, officially part of Georgia but under Russian defacto control. More on South Ossetia conflict here *

Tir Holy Nativity monastery is an ancient christian-orthodox settlement built in the XII century, 9 km from Tskhinvali in Georgia/ South Ossetia.

The tower is built in Byzantine style; in the distance one can see the sacred mountain Bursamdzeli.

Georgia has one of the world’s oldest Christian Churches. North Caucasus also has the oldest christian churches in Russia – Lower-Arkhyz churchesShoana temple, Sentinsky temple. New ancient christian settlements are being discovered throughout the Caucasus.