Akhty Dagestan Caucasus mountains beautiful landscape


Akhtynsky is a district situated in southern Dagestan on the border with Azerbadjan. It is inhabited mostly by Lezgin people, the second largest ethnic group of Dagestan (after Avars).

*Northern Azerbaidjan and southern Dagestan represent the historic homeland of the Lezgin people. The arbitrary state and border divisions made by the Soviet Union divided the Lezgin community as well, and in certain cases it separated families.

Goor, Dagestan – “Land of the towers”

Goor ancient towers Shamilsky Dagestan North Caucasus

Goor is an ancient settlement in the Shamilsky district of Dagestan consisting of 7 towers and 2-stories residential houses. Only 4 towers survive to this day, one of whom collapsed recently due to severe degradation. The location has not received a historic monument status.

Goor exhibits its old history through its pagan, Christian and Islamic sanctuaries and burial grounds. The residents, originally pagan, underwent a short Christian conversion which ended with the Mongol invasion; the Islamic conversion happened gradually and it reached its peak during the Russia-Caucasus wars. Here you can also find a monument to the Caucasian war martyrs who fought against the Russian invasion in the XIX century.

Adishi medieval village, Georgia

Adishi village is a one millenium old village situated in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti district of Georgia and it’s one of Europe’s highest located mountain villages (2120 meters).

Geographically, it is situated in the northern part of Georgia, in the historical Svaneti province.

Upper Svaneti (northern part) villages are typically small, with 100-200 people. A common feature of the villages is the watch tower.

Sogratl’ Dagestan


Sogratl’ is an Avar village situated in Gunibsky district in the mountains of Dagestan. Avars are an ethnic Caucasus people and 90% of the population in Russia is located in the mountains of Dagestan. Not far from the village is the Vatan Memorial – dedicated to the battle fought in 1741 by the united forces of Dagestan against foreign invaders.