Vovnushki, Ingushetia




The name “Vovnushki” originates from the Ingush “Vov” (military tower).

Vovnushki is a XII-XVII century complex of towers built on top of a rock, near Guloy-khi river; the towers are jointed together. Another tower is built on a separate cliff. The two separate towers used to be connected by a pendant bridge (as seen in the painting below).

Caucasus mountains Vovnushki Ingushetia landscapes

The tower complex was part of the Silk Road (ancient trade route used for commercial and cultural trade between civilizations); it specifically protected what was called “the Ingush Road”. Trade caravans would cross the gorge to reach the Main Ridge of the Caucasus and then trailed along the Sunzha River valley to get to Magas city.

The rest of the settlement also includes crypts for burial, sanctuaries, mausoleums. Vovnushki belongs to Dzheyrahsky – Assinsky Museum-Reserve.

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Ushkaloy rock towers, Chechnya

Ushkaloy defense towers are located in the narrowest point of the Argun Gorge, on the way to Itum-Kale village (Itum-Kalinsky district) in Chechnya. The towers are around 900 years old. They have only three walls, the fourth wall being a rock.