1172 Ikort’a – South Ossetia/ Georgia

Ikorta church of the Archangel (Ikort’a) is a Georgian Orthodox church built in 1172 by the dukes of Ksani noble family in Shida Kartli, Georgia.

The church houses the tombs of Ksani family members, including Shalva and Elizbar of Ksani, who died under torture in 1661 for opposing the Iranian/ Tatar oppression. Their remains were brought from Persia and they were canonized as saints.

Ikort’a is currently undergoing restoration works. * It’s note worth mentioning that the Church of Georgia is one of the oldest Christian churches.

South Ossetia is a disputed region, officially part of Georgia but under Russian defacto control. More on South Ossetia conflict here 

Shida Kartli has been part of self-proclaimed South Ossetia republic since 1992.