New Athos cave Abkhazia/ Georgia (Iverian mountain)

New Athos cave bridge . Abkhazia Georgia Iverian mountain Caucasus mountains

New Athos (Novoafonskaya) cave is located in the Iverian mountain of Abkhazia (Georgia). It is one of the 3 largest caves in the world (largest in volume), but only a portion is open to the public. New Athos cave has its own railway system.

Abkhazia has one of the deepest (and yet unexplored) cave systems in the world, which represent an attraction for speleologists around the world. See related article here Caves in Abkhazia get deeper

Anacopia fortress, Abkhazia/ Georgia

The port town of Anacopia (now located in New Athos city) was recorded by Greeks in the 3rd century. In the 5th century Georgians built a fortress on top of the Iverian mountain, alarmed by the Arab invasion of the Caucasus.

Anacopia served as capital within the Byzatine empire, and later on in the 8th century became the capital of the Abkhazian Kingdom. It was ceded to the Byzantines again for a short period until the Georgians took it back in 1072.

The Arabs never managed to conquer the fortress, instead they captured Derbent city from Dagestan in 654.

*Abkhazia is a breakway region of Georgia, under Russian defacto control. For more info click here

New Athos monastery (Novy Afon), Abkhazia/ Georgia

* Abkhazia is a disputed region, officially part of Georgia but under Russian military control. Its independence is recognized by Russia and a handful of small countries. More on Abkhazia conflict here *


New Athos monastery (Novy Afon monastery) is located on the shores of the Black Sea in Abkhazia.