Tyrnyauz, Kabardino-Balkaria


Tyrnyauz (which means”narrow gorge” in Balkar language) is a small city located at the foothills of western Caucasus mountains, 40 km from Elbrus mountain (the highest of Europe).

It first appeared on the map as settlement built around Tyrnyauzsky mine, which is no longer operating and sits in ruins. In 1955, the settlement received town status.

In July 2000, a succession of three massive mudslide virtually buried the city, but the media reports on the incident were scarce – a move taken most probably in order to not discourage tourism in the area. The authorities were blamed for negligence in alerting the local population. More info here Rescue Workers Fear Mudslide Death Toll Could Rise

The town’s infrastructure was restored quickly as it is the main stopover on the way to Elbrus mountain.