Children of war

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During the two recent Russian wars, humanitarian help was non-existent in Chechnya. Thousands of children died, others lacked proper medical care, all the children were left severely malnourished and many remained with physical and/or mental scars of war. According to the UN, Chechnya is still one of the most heavily land-mined countries in the world; Russia expelled all international landmine clearing experts for inexplicable reasons.

At present, North Caucasus has the largest youth population in Russia and at the same time the biggest unemployment rate (over 50%).

In the following video, Chechen children talk about life during war. 


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Collecting bricks from the bombed out buildings was the only way to make money long time after the war. For 400 bricks, Chechens received 3 dollars.

The story a young Grozny woman who tried to survive by collecting bricks together with her children Women of Grozny – Elza