Gamsutl’ Dagestan

Gamsutl’ is an old Avar village in Gunibsky district, Dagestan. Its carved in rock on top of a mountain at 1400 meters altitude (4600 feet).

In the 1950’s the inhabitants were forced by the Soviets to move to collective farms and the village was destroyed. It is listed as settlement but it has yet to be listed as a historical site.

Interview with the last (and only) resident of Gamsutl’

Khunzakh (old Avar Khanate capital) Dagestan

Khunzakh plateau is located in the heart of Caucasus mountains in Khunzakhsky district, Dagestan. It sits at an altitude of 1700-2200 meters.

The village located on the large plateau – the Khunzakh village, stands on the settlement that used to be the capital of the Avar Khanate. The state lasted from the 12th century to the 19 century, when it was dissolved by the Russian invasion.

The rivers flowing from the plateau down below form the 20 km long Khunzakh canyon.

Not far from the village, in Matlas lies a memorial dedicated to Leo Toltstoy and Hadji Murad – the Russian poet who wrote about the Caucasus wars and the Avar leader who resisted the Russian occupation.