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Blowing up Russia

Between 4-16 september 1999, a series of explosions took place in 4 apartment blocks in Russia.

From day one, the secret services blamed the attacks on the Chechens (who never claimed responsibility) and Putin began a bombing campaign in Chechnya to “eliminate terrorists” – which started the second Chechen war in Russia’s struggle to regain control over Chechnya.
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Russia apartment buildings bombings Chechens Chechnya 2

Russia apartment buildings bombings Chechens Chechnya 3

Russia apartment buildings bombings Chechens Chechnya 7

However, a 5th explosion was thwarted on september 20th in Ryazan city, whose outcome brought up chilling questions about FSB’s (FSB – Russian security service, ex-KGB) connection with the bombing , who later claimed it was a training exercise.

The final report on Ryazan incident is kept “top secret” by the government.

Alexander Litvinenko (ex-FSB agent) blamed the apartment bombings on FSB and the government. After quitting FSB, he was granted political refuge in London, UK. He was murdered by poisoning in 2006.

The following documentaries presents details of the attacks and concentrate on Ryazan incident. “Blowing up Russia” is also the name of the book written by Alexander Litvinenko (the book was released by the co-author after Litvinenko’s death).